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2026 Conference Venue Proposal

Ohio Rural Health Conference 2026 Conference Host Proposal

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Rural Health Association and our annual Ohio Rural Health Conference! We invite you to submit a proposal to host it. Please know space/needs (other than food/drink) are to be donated and the hosting organization will receive a platinum sponsorship (valued at $5,000).


- Opportunity for your organization to be recognized and receive the advertising benefits of a platinum sponsor for the event ($5,000) for the hosting of the event

- Connections with rural stakeholders across the state to exchange information.

- Opportunities to highlight your organization’s efforts and leadership in promoting rural health in Ohio.

Conference is IDEALLY the first week of August on Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday. However, please feel free to submit other dates and they will reviewed.
Please know, July dates cannot be considered.

Please review your potential dates to make sure you can accommodate before submitting proposal.

Please submit, in writing, a proposal based on the following information:

Conference Needs:

- One person is identified from your organization to work directly with ORHA program manager to assist in all areas of *conference planning

*Specific Conference Needs

-             Lobby area to accommodate registration

-             4 large rooms/one with accessibility for over 200 individuals  - in one central location

-             All rooms must have tables/chairs for seating

-             1 large area/room near the breakout rooms for the vendors (need 25-30 6-8 ft. tables)

-             Each room must have a laptop, projector, microphone and Wi-fi access

-             Dedicated, on-location, IT person for the entire 1.5 days

-             Large room for lunch, breakfast and reception (200+ people). This area must allow for catering, as well as alcoholic beverages
               (wine bar for evening reception). If the event is at a university, then using cafeteria for breakfast and/or lunch is an option.

-             Local lodging (with a room block discount) availability


Please submit your written proposal to Rosanna Scott, Program Manager, (programmanager@ohioruralhealth.org) by January 1, 2025.

Along with addressing the above specific needs, your proposal must demonstrate a commitment to marketing the conference to local staff and community partners with the goal of significant local attendance and support.

Thank you!

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