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Ohio AgrAbility - Do you work with farmers with disabilities? We do. Learn how we can collaborate to serve Ohio farmers with disabilities

Category: 2020
Author: Laura Akgerman
Institution Affiliation: Ohio AgrAbility

How does Ohio AgrAbility collaborate with rural health providers? Ohio AgrAbility offers expert advice, resources and referrals for returning to farming after a disabling injury, or when a lifetime of hard work impacts activities of daily farming. We focus on safety, technical assistance, education, secondary injury prevention, and peer support. Why is there a need for AgrAbility? Agriculture consistently ranks as one of the nation’s most dangerous occupations Each year, agricultural workers in Ohio experience injuries that limit their ability to perform essential tasks​1 out of 14 Ohio farm families experience a farm-related injury each year Some agricultural workers acquire disabilities through off-the-farm incidents, illness, or health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, or cancer After a lifetime of hard work, farmers may experience limitations such as decreased vision, or hearing, or loss of strength or mobility If you work with farmers with disabilities, contact us. We are here to help.

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