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ORHA Committees

The Ohio Rural Health Association Committees strive to advocate for rural health in the state of Ohio through specific focal areas. As passionate members of the Ohio healthcare community and experts in their fields, members of these committees are making a significant impact on the health of Ohio’s rural population.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works to identify legislative issues that impact the health of rural Ohioans. They report at the annual meeting on legislation that impacts rural health issues and present a legislative agenda for consideration by the Board. The legislative committee functions in support of the mission of the association. Beth Kluding and Ken Martin are co-chairs.

Education and Communication Committee

The Education and Communication Committee is responsible for improving community relations by disseminating information to the Board and membership, as well as statewide partners, regarding association activities; developing media and promotional materials for the association; providing oversight for website and newsletter content; and assisting the Program Manager in organizing educational events (other than the annual conference) with the participation of association members and other statewide partners. Laura Akgerman and Jaime Parsons are co-chairs.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for marketing the Association in the recruitment and retention of members. The Committee also surveys ORHA members on professional development interests, and works with the Education and Communications Committee to identify professional development opportunities, as well as recruit organizations and speakers to provide ORHA sponsored professional development opportunities for members.The Committee meets monthly, and is currently seeking new Committee members. Sharon Casapulla and Laura Akgerman are co-chairs. 

Rural New Health Professionals Group

This is an exciting new group of individuals who are new to their professional fields in rural healthcare.

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