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HEALTHY HOLIDAY (and Beyond) Eating
December 13 at Noon
Misty Harmon and Jenny Lobb, OSU Extension

 Join OSU Extension Educators to learn how you can build a “better” recipe for
the holidays. You will learn about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and how to make simple shifts to better meet the recommendations in your holiday cooking, eating and celebrating, as well as in the new year. We will share easy recipes and practical tips to help make healthy eating a natural part of your holidays and new year – so you can work smarter, not harder, and avoid unnecessary stress in the kitchen.   

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 Time is Money: Building RHC Value-Based Purchasing Models
January 10, 2024 - Noon
Presented by Wintergreen

Effective primary care practices and networks have the unique ability to reduce the overall cost of care in rural communities through better patient engagement, education, prevention, clinic operations and a culture of improvement. The economic value of these cost savings should accrue at least in part to the providers and not exclusively to public and private payers. This presentation offers examples and action steps to design, implement and market rural primary care oriented VBP programs.

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February 14, 2024 at Noon

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills “died” on national TV from a sudden cardiac arrest. He was revived 10 minutes later by our colleagues, in part, due to the lessons learned from “Ohio Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival” (Ohio CARES). The goal of Ohio CARES is to bring the medical care Damar Hamlin received to every citizen of Ohio. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs in 35 Ohio citizens every day. Only 10% survive. This acute unexpected cessation of heart and lung function affects all ages, and it is often the first symptom of heart disease. Ohio CARES tracks EMS and hospital performance metrics and confidentially feeds this information back to help medical systems improve. Ohio CARES is spearheaded by physicians, paramedics, and administrators from across the state. We currently cover 46% of the population of Ohio, but our goal is to expand Ohio CARES to 100% of Ohio. To achieve this, we will need to establish connections with 800 additional EMS agencies and hospitals, disproportionally located in rural areas. In this session, we plan to introduce Ohio CARES and explain how it can benefit EMS agencies and hospitals across Ohio.

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Regional Stakeholder Meetings 

Stakeholder meetings are held across the state; they are an essential piece of our advocacy, education, and relationship efforts.

This June our virtual meetings will bring people together to have a conversation about improved access to care. During a 1.5-hour interactive meeting, participants will rank the feasibility and impact of evidence-based solutions to address access to care. From these meetings, ORHA will identify top priorities for the state to implement to support the Ohio Rural Health Improvement Plan.

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