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Urgent Advocacy Alert

Urgent Advocacy Alert

July 10, 2020

Senators are taking a recess from Capitol Hill and beginning their state work period, which will last until July 17th. When they return from this break, they will discuss a fourth COVID-19 relief bill that will be finalized before August. This is not conjecture.  

This relief package is certainly overdue for millions of Americans, and we need the Senate aware of how vulnerable rural populations have become in recent weeks. Hundreds of rural hospitals and other health care providers are on the brink of closure during a time when they are needed most. Twelve rural hospitals have closed this year, hundreds of rural health care practitioners have been furloughed or laid off, and the crisis is only growing more severe in rural areas. The July recess allows us the perfect opportunity to advocate. Now is the time for action.  

Over the July recess, NRHA encourages you to attend a town hallcallemail, and/or write to your senators to inform them of needs of rural health care providers. Our team has crafted a specific list of actions/policies that will enable Congress provide relief to rural health care providers and their patients, but we need your help.  

Use your voice to let your senators know that the next COVID-19 relief bill must prioritize the needs of rural Americans. Remember, there's nothing more patriotic than telling your elected officials about the priorities that matter to you. You can find a sample email here

Sharon Casapulla 

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